Conservation of truffle

Once purchased, fresh truffles, should be washed to remove dirt attached to the bark

Washing process the fresh truffle:

To remove any remaining truffle ground, the truffle under running cold water washing, rubbing its surface with a soft bristle brush can be used one nail or a toothbrush

Once clean, dry thoroughly with paper towels

Methods to preserve truffle

If the truffle is to be consumed within a few days:

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. They may include in the container, some eggs, so the next day, they can enjoy a truffled eggs

Or store it in the refrigerator in a cloth bag to transpire

For long-term consumption:

truffle wrap with plastic wrap and store in freezer

To consume truffles

Grate the truffle (without thawing), keeping back in the freezer the remaining truffle, for the next use

Cognac truffles

Enter the truffle whole or in pieces in airtight glass jar and fill with brandy

In the period of a month, you can use the cognac truffles in stews, meat, fish, vegetables

Truffle oil

You can start fresh truffles by rolling a rolling mill, and put it in a glass container. Then fill the container with virgin olive oil

For consumption, let stand at least three hours, to acquire the aroma

The truffle oil should be stored in a refrigerator and must be eaten within twenty days maximum

Use oil in pasta, salads, rice, sauces, fried eggs and similar foods