A simple cheese sandwich with mushrooms and truffle oil

Ingredients for 4 people:

Prepare 8 slices country bread or round, 10-12 mushrooms, 4 garlic, arugula, 4 slices of Roncal cheese, salt, extra virgin olive oil with truffle

We proceed to its development:

First, clean the mushrooms and Keep them whole.

Peel the garlic and cut in half. Toast the bread slices on both sides

Now, spread the grill with a little extra virgin olive oil, and when to turn them over to be made by the two sides is hot, cook the mushrooms adding salt to taste. Kitchen also garlic

Arugula served on a slice of toast, then place the mushrooms, three or four mushrooms on toast, placed them on the fine cut Roncal cheese

Then place the garlic to the tender, and put truffle oil.

Top with the other slice of bread sandwich forming mushrooms, cheese and truffle oil Roncal

Ready to enjoy ...