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 We are a team with over 15 years experience in the field of agriculture, organic food and gourmet

 Our mission is to bring to fruition the quality of our experience in the traditional business to changing times in this era of Internet with our website www.truffeterra.com, remembering that behind every computer is a person with their concerns and needs that we must address as we have always done by hand

Our products are officially certified with document health status

 Our areas are:

Black truffle collection and distribution. fresh. Tuber melanosporum

Collection and distribution of summer truffle. fresh truffle. Tuber aestivum

Collection and distribution of autumn truffle. burgundy fresh truffle. Tuber uncinatum

Its imposing aroma is a mixture, rustic and at the same time subtle, powerful and extraordinary durability. A luxury intense aroma of truffle soon become the companions of many meals and unique dining opportunities
Earlier varieties, can also comprase off-season and throughout the year, using our high tech system called deep freeze. The deep freeze is a stroke of very rapid freezing, where the product undergoes at temperatures below -40 ° C, thereby conserving the most of the physical structure of the nose for long periods of time.

Truffles Ultracongelamos to conserve sensory and organoleptic characteristics, we also helps prevent the growth of microorganisms

So when you receive it, it reaches about 20 degrees. you can enter in your home freezer and keep it in perfect condition for use throughout the year without breaking the cold chain

Natural black truffle jus. Tuber melanosporum

Extra virgin olive oil and black truffle. tuber melanosporum. Truffle oil

Pecorino with black truffles. melanosporum truffle. Deli

Truffle plants. organic farming

Our nurseries have specialized in the production of mycorrhizal plants Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) in different types of plants: oak, holm oak, Kermes oak and hazel. Mycorrhizal seedlings have

Nurserymen registered in the Official Register 


A. EUROPA SL has brought together the best farmers and producers with official certificate, working in various selected products. It is our endeavor to spread a meal that has more than ten centuries old. This is our most noble way to contribute to make our culture better known, not only in Spain, also in the world.

 We are open to new ideas on gourmet products

 Our greatest satisfaction is to get each of our customers become our best sword in the arduous task of spreading healthy Spanish food worldwide

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write to: info@truffeterra.com


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