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Enjoy the black truffle. deep-frozen truffle, gourmet product

Lots of 50 grams

Aromatic and fresh, fresh black truffle is called "black diamond of international cuisine" for its taste and exquisite aroma

A luxury intense aroma of truffle soon become the companions of many meals and unique dining opportunities

Truffle available all year

Quality certificate ISO-9001

  • Black truffle. Frozen

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Enjoy the black truffle. Truffle deep-frozen, gourmet product

We have this truffle throughout the year

The freezing is a stroke of very rapid freezing, which submits to the products at temperatures below - 40 ° C, thus allowing to preserve to the maximum the physical structure of the nose for long periods of time

Ultracongelamos truffles so that they conserve sensory and organoleptic characteristics, it also helps us to avoid the development of microorganisms

So when you receive it, you get to about - 20 degrees. You can place it in your home freezer and keep it in perfect condition for use throughout the year without breaking the cold chain

Aromatic and fresh, truffle black quick-frozen appreciated for its taste and exquisite aroma

Aromatic and fresh, truffle black cool is called "black diamond international gastronomy" by its taste and exquisite aroma. Its impressive scent is a mixture, rustic, subtle, powerful and extraordinary durability. An intense aroma of truffle luxury soon become companions of many meals and unique dining opportunities 

Usage: raw or cooked, prepared to perfection with many recipes 

Packing: After a rigorous selection, our fresh black truffles are hand washed after harvest. To ensure perfect freshness are packed together with the package of refrigerant and packed in insulated packaging that ensures a safe transport, for delivery in 24/48 hours

How to consume it?

Eat fresh truffles in the following days to the reception to get the most of their unique flavors. The black truffle. Tuber melanosporum You can freeze very well (directly to receive it) and retains all its aromas for cooking throughout the year

You can out of your freezer, grate a part and put it back in your freezer to thaw whole truffle

It is a fresh truffle freshly collected by our truffle field

The truffle is considered an aphrodisiac food. aphrodisiac

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